Step one: meet your bosses

Consumerism is the subject matter of many contemporary artists, as it is something everyone experiences. Two 'bosses' of consumeristic art that we are going to delve into today are Andy Warhol and Vik Muniz!

Half of your group will research Andy Warhol, while the other half will research Vik Muniz. Read the articles, taking notes in your Google doc on what you learn!


Andy Warhol is known as the king of pop art, with many of his works relating directly to consumer culture. Look through these links to get to better know about him and what he created! 

Another artists whose work relates to consumer culture is Vik Muniz. His artworks bring in to question the aftermaths of consumer culture, and where all these products go when they are done being consumed. Look through the link below for more on Vik!


After reading through these articles and taking notes, share your findings with your group members, designating one group member to take notes in the Google doc and discuss the following questions: 

1) In what ways do these two artists approach consumerism differently? Similarly? 

2) Do you know of other artists that deal with consumerism?

3) How do you see consumerism as a form of art?

Summit this google doc into the google classroom folder.

After finishing this discussion, you're ready to move on to step 2! 


Now that you have gotten to know the 'bosses' of consumeristic art, your next job is to get to know YOUR area, taking notice of how consumerism affects you and your peers! Before next class, begin to think about what you and your friends CONSUME.

Questions to consider: 

What products are you interested in?

What businesses try to target you?

What do you do with the products you buy and use once you are done with them?

Think about this at home by looking around your house, in the car with your family or friends, or even by looking around the hallways at school.

Create your own list of what you observe on a Google doc, and upload your list into the Google classroom folder!


Begin the next class period on step 2!