Step four

Once your products are printed, you are ready for the final step! 

Now that you have your object, you are going to paint it with acrylics or sharpies in a way that best fits what you created!

Discuss with your group what colors and style will make your product POP and get decorating! 

Once all groups finish printing and painting their products, you get the chance to show what you have created to the masses (your class!) Take photos of your products and upload them to Google classroom so we can see your final products!


When presenting to the class, explain what you created, why, and what purpose your new product has! Discuss with the class what products you could see yourself using and how they relate to you as a youth consumer!

Compose a final reflection (about half a page in length), in which you  reflect on the following questions: 

1) Was the Webquest fun and interesting? 

2) What did you learn in the process? 

3) What are the strengths of your final product? What do you like the most about it? 

4) What are the weaknesses? Is there anything you would do differently? 

After composing this reflection, upload it to the Google Classroom folder. 

Finally, create a PRIVATE comment on google classroom, writing what grade you think you deserve on this project, as well as how your other group members did for participation. 

A recap of everything that you should have submitted to Google Classroom for this Webquest: 

1) Notes on the art history discussion from step 1 (in google doc) 

2) Digital sketches from the homework assignment 

3) Individual digital sketches from step 2

4) Response to questions listed in step 3 (in google doc)

5) Group digital sketch for final project idea 

6) Images of your final printed and decorated product

7) Final reflection 

8) PRIVATE comment on grading and participation 

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our company!