Step two

Now that you have taken notice to the consumerism in your lives, reconvene with your group and discuss what you observed and jotted down from your homework assignment!


Discuss the following questions: 

What type of products are being most marketed to you right now?

What types of products were you most attracted to? What aspects of these products were appealing?

Where do you think these products are made?


Where do they go when they are done being used?

How is advertisement and product development a part of art making? 

Then, individually create a series of sketches depicting products you are most interested in at the moment! If you could create your own product that would be beneficial to you and your peers, what would that product be? Begin to brainstorm this, sketching your ideas on Google drawings or Adobe photoshop. Once completed, upload these sketches into the Google Classroom folder. 

After completing this assignment, you are ready to move on to step 3!