Step three

Now that you have ideas for a new product, it is time to share your ideas with others!


Compare ideas and sketches with your group, discussing what aspects you like about the different ideas. 

Decide what product you would like to use the most, or if you could combine products in a way that makes the most interesting product!

Discuss among your peers the following:

  1. How is this product sustainable?

  2. Can it be reused as anything else?

  3. Is it something that can be reused for a long time or something you use once then throw away?

  4. Does this product relate to any of the issues discussed in step one?

Record your responses to these questions in your Google doc!

Decide on a final product with your group that you would like to make a reality! Collaboratively create a sketch on Google Drawings to help begin your Tinkercad creation. Upload this sketch to the Google classroom folder. 

Now it is time to transform this object into three dimensions! Design your product on Tinkercad, turning you sketches into a 3-dimensional object! Do not worry too much about color, as you will be able to paint these objects in the final step!